On Time Delivery

GPS Tracking

Fleet Serviced Weekly

Two Agents Minimum Per Vehicle

Inmate Services Corporation transports prisoners at all security levels coast to coast by ground or via aircraft. We pride ourselves in short turn around. We arrive on time and we deliver on time.

Inmate Services has in place a ground operation transportation system that operates seven (7) days per week, three hundred sixty-five (365) days per year, twenty-four (24) hours per day.

Inmate Services will provide at least two (2) agents to each vehicle transporting inmates. Our fleet consists of Passenger Vans and SUV’s. All are equipped with GPS, and navigation with home base networking. Our vehicles are serviced weekly at a local ASE certified mechanic. Service records are available upon request.

We adhere/abide by the Interstate Transportation of Dangerous Criminals ACT 2000: better known as Jeanna’s ACT. Between Jeanna’s ACT and DOT being more stringent we surpass the requirements of the “Tennessee Lawful Employment ACT”. We are registered with the Secretary of State in Arkansas. We also have representation in every US state registered on our behalf by CT Corp for the Federal Motor Carrier ACT.

We are located in West Memphis, AR with immediate access to 1-40 which travels East and West in a matter of minutes. We have been operation for 5+ years and our business continues to grow every year. We are DOT compliant with a “top notch” rating; and carry insurance that is required by our industry. We meet or exceed deadlines presented to us for both pickups and deliveries of inmates. We also have excellent references to back up this statement.