Inmate Services Corporation transports prisoners at all security levels from coast to coast by ground or via aircraft.


We pride ourselves in short turn around. We arrive on time and we deliver on time. Inmate Services has in place an operation ground transportation system that operates seven (7) days per week, three hundred sixty-five (365) days per year, twenty-four (24) hours per day. Inmate Services will provide at least two (2) agents to each vehicle transporting inmates.

Restraining Devices

Inmate Services will ensure that while in our custody, the prisoner will be secured with the appropriate restraining devices. Said restraining devices shall be employed immediately upon accepting custody of the prisoner and removed only after receiving agency has applied similar restraints or placed the inmate in a secure location. Our inmates are strip searched then placed in bright orange jumpsuits, leg restraints, and belly chains with handcuffs for transport.

General Services

Inmate Services provides each prisoner 3 meals a day, restroom breaks as needed, showers when necessary, and medical treatment when noted on transport sheet. We administer medical prescriptions 100% as prescribed by physician at time of transport.


In Emergencies

In emergencies, inclement weather, mechanical failure or any other situation causing a delay, Inmate Services agrees to provide food and lodging for the inmates. When necessary lodging of the inmate will be at an appropriate local law enforcement detention facility.

Female Prisoner Care

Vans are outfitted with female cage to keep separate from male inmates, as well as providing female personal hygiene products for all female inmates if needed.


Transport documentation includes: Interstate Sheet, Property Sheet, Waiver, ID Paper Work, Governor’s Warrant, Picture and Medical Clearance Report received at pick up site.

We are who we are today by arriving on time and delivering on time for the last 5+ years. Our proprietary mapping system allows us  this success.

Inmate Services does not use subcontractors or partners

Our fleet consists of E350 12 Passenger Vans and Chevy Tahoe’s. All are equipped with GPS, and navigation with home base networking. Our vans are serviced weekly at a local certified Ford dealership. Service records available on request. In the event of a mechanical breakdown we would dispatch another van from home to swap out or have it repaired by a reputable dealership in the area.